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newsThe Annuity News specializes in helping consumers save time, effort and money by simplifying their financial problems by being��the “Lighthouse” that guides you into safe harbors during a financial storm; providing a safe haven for you and your family’s finances. 

Folks get stuck with bad investments because they don’t have enough information about the product, and  they don’t comparison shop.  We’ve found, with so many different products on the market investors want help to find the best deal. 

Annuity News has a simple mission. Educate investors about annuities and put them in touch with quality, licensed professionals to help them decide if an annuity is right for them. We personally do not sell annuities, nor do we participate monetarily in the sale of any annuities.

Our goal is to provide the means to shop intelligently comparing products and concepts – all centralized, without having to jump from site to site or call individual carriers. 

Because The Annuity News site is a public service and is not profit-driven. Just information freely provided to those who want it.  Removing money and profit from the equation of our relationship has meant that folks really begin to speak and write honestly about their retirement dreams and aspirations, not fearing that we are going to push some product or service on them.

First, let’s recognize that All Retirement Income”, be it social security or a company pension, or any other source of capital that provides a stream of income is called an “Annuity”, and truly is the One of  Best Products for the American Retirement Dream.

The Annuity News provides information regarding Wealth Accumulation, Wealth Management, Wealth Preservation and Wealth Distribution to help ensure that you can develop a realistic and well thought out strategy that’s periodically re-evaluated so that you will have a feeling of confidence, happiness and most importantly be finanically secure throughtout the Back 9 of your life.

Life is like 18 holes of golf.  On the Front 9 you accumulate wealth and on the Back 9 you take it out…..and, while not everyone will live to 100, we are living longer in retirement than our prior generations.  As a result preparing for the Back 9 needs to be a priority in our life.

On the golf course, players carry three types of clubs in their bag:  Woods, Irons, and a Putter.  Before each shot, they select the type of club to use, based on the conditions and distance required for the next shot.  Irons are used primarily for approach shots, the Putter is used on the green and Woods are used for distance shots.

golfImagine a moment asking a PGA pro to play 18 holes with only Irons, and a Putter, or Woods and Irons?  By restricting their tools, their golf score will suffer.  Professionals that recommend one strategy to their clients are restricting their options, and just like the golfer performance will suffer too.

At The Annuity News we think of Financial Planning as a map of the course, a way to get from here to there in a designated time with the fewest detours and hazards. Back 9 planning is a process, rather than a one time event.  As situations change your life course, you need a flexible strategy to see you through.

Financial planning is a long-term process of wisely managing your finances so that you can achieve your goals and dreams, while at the same time carefully negotiating the financial barriers that inevitably arise in every stage of life, especially through life’s many transitions.

A good caddie understands and anticipates likely hazards and helps you maneuver the course to your success. Undoubtedly, you have numerous life events that require careful Financial Planning: the birth of children/grandchildren, a new job, health concerns, a change in marital status, the sale or purchase of a home, the sale or purchase of a business, retirement, and more.

Every person is unique. There is not a single product that meets the needs and wants of everyone.  Once you understand your individual financial goals, your priorities, your resources, your risk tolerance and lifestype, you can seek out your options for a realistic and balanced plan that meets your needs.  We provide information on products that offer security, flexibility, growth potential and income options.

fireOur Company Goal is to help: “Fire-Proof” family and business finances. On October 9, 2007 the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 14,164.  On October 10, 2008 it closed at 8,451, down 40 percent from one year earlier. 

What market risk really means is the potential for big losses piling up in a hurry. 

Consumers are concerned about the riskiness of investing going forward and they are looking for a safe haven. We present ideas for efficient and positive solutions that create good customer experiences while providing consumers a quick way to obtain product information.

The usual definition of safe money is money you cannot afford to lose. This site will��define a safe money place as one where your principal is protected from loss as long as you follow the initial guidelines, and if you do decide to take your money and leave, you know pretty much what leaving early will cost.

The opposite is a risk money place where if you decide to take your money you don’t know what you will get back. It could be more than you put in – risk money places offer the potential for much higher returns than safe money places – but it could also be less than you started with or even zero.

Now is the time to be very open with your financial caddy, (aka financial advisor); share your excitement and concerns about the back 9.  Using an integrated, personalized approach we call Financial Life Planning we can help you become economically prepared for these events by serving as your sounding board, mentor and financial coach, every step of the way.

Our advisors offer the most competitive products from the highest-rated institutions available. When they do case designs, they use all the tools in the bag, just like the golfer, so you can be confident that the competition does not have something better to offer.

One More Consideration to Consider: “The Life Expectancy of Insurance Companies!”

iStock_000004488414Small[1]As it turns out, here in the United States, insurance companies have had great success staying in business. Even when one fails, the policy holders are protected because each state has a fund that takes over the policies and parcels them out to the solvent insurance companies in the state. I won�����t go into the particular details because each state has their unique procedure. Suffice it to say, when your contract is transferred, the new company will honor the terms of your contract as if they had been the original issuer.

Most people don’t know insurance companies are regulated not only by state and federal laws but also by IRS code sections. These code sections are what allow you and I to receive annuity payments at generally favorable rates. For the purist, we get favorable treatment through a code section that created something called an exclusion ratio. Tax deferred interest, as you might guess, has advantages over taxable interest. Per the law, annuities pay tax deferred interest. That is sweet even to the most casual of investors.

If you’re planning on retiring sometime early in the new year, now is the time to apply for retirement benefits. The most convenient way to apply for Social Security benefits is online – from the comfort of your home or office. Go to www.socialsecurity.gov/applyonline

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